Persuasive essay examples

Convincing writing offers the opportunity to convince someone to take a certain point of view. In the following, some convincing examples of writing are explained, which should move the reader to a certain action. With these examples, you can write a convincing, convincing essay.

Persuasive essay examples are very common in advertising campaigns where marketers want to convince you to buy something. However, it can also be used in various other situations.

Persuasive essay examples are a great way to make strong arguments and share them with the public. At the very least, these types of essays can be a requirement at some point in your academic career.

Let's take a look at some excerpts from convincing persuasive essay examples. Any of these could be the assertion of the thesis on a well-considered topic.

The mandatory minimum sentence is harmful to humanity. It is a form of discrimination;

Many people receive long penalties for minor violations. We should remove the mandatory minimum penalty rules and give judges more leeway in making decisions.

The death penalty is a good deterrent to criminals. Also only because the Bible claims "an eye for an eye". We have to keep the death penalty in books.

Marijuana needs to be legalized. We lock up too many people and spend too much money to lock them up for non-violent crimes.

Convincing speech and writing

A powerful, persuasive essay examples speech has the potential to shake an entire nation. Presidential candidates meet months before an election year. Small town councilors meet regularly, often to hear convincing conversations about the community. At some point in your college career, you may even be in a public language course asking you to deliver a convincing speech.

Here are some example statements to consider:

Tired of seeing your checks get rid of unfair tax deductions? We work hard to support our families and can then live from one salary to another. If you vote for me, I will cut your taxes and you will get the government services you depend on. Imagine what you can do with more leeway on your monthly income. Cast your vote today.

We must act now to save our community garden. Ten years have passed, with enough organic vegetables to feed every mouth in this neighborhood. Hud Co. has no right to come to our city and open parking space at one of our most important food sources. Come to me on Friday night. Together we will hinder and protect our beloved city.

Tax increases are wrong because people should have the right to keep their money and because an increase in tax revenue will stifle businesses. We should keep taxes low or even cut interest rates to encourage growth.

Persuasive essay examples in Literature

Example 1: Our Unhealthy Obsession and Sickness.

Governments today do two things that I object to in particular. First, they encourage introspection, telling us that unless men examine their testicles, unless we keep a check on our cholesterol level, then we are not being responsible citizens. You are letting down yourself, your wife, your kids, everybody. We are encouraged continually to worry about our health. As a consequence, public health initiatives have become, as far as I can tell, a threat to public health. Secondly, governments promote the value of health-seeking. We are meant always to be seeking health for this or that condition. The primary effect of this, I believe, is to make us all feel more ill.

This is an excerpt from a persuasive essay by Frank Furedi. It encourages people to think about how the government is helping public health. Both the arguments of persuasion start with First in the first line and with Secondly in the second last line.

Example 2: The Real Skinny

"And what do people say? We stand up and say:" I categorically refuse to buy a piece of clothing unless the person who advertises it weighs more than I did when I was wearing knee-high socks? "Not much, actually. Most of our answers range from" I wonder if it would suit me? "To" I don't know who this skinny cow is, but I already hate it. "

Just check the strength of persuasive essay examples about buying things. The nice thing about his writing is that it made his readers think by asking and answering rhetorical questions.

The role of a convincing essay

The main function of persuasive essay examples is to convince readers that the world is a better place for them if they take action. It could be different or it could be a call to action. The arguments put forward are for or against the problem. It is not possible to combine the two at the same time. That is why readers believe that it is easy to convince yourself.

Act today

In each of these examples, the goal is to get someone to do something or support something. Sound reasoning is needed to convince the audience that there is an advantage in your action. Do you know who was the master of reason? Aristotle himself.

He developed three modes of reasoning: ethos, logos, and pathos. In other words, ethics, logic, and emotion. Why not let Aristotle guide you on the road to persuasive success? When it's time to make your claim, be sure to follow these steps to write a persuasive essay example speech.